Blackberry’s Brand Equity

James Potter

COM 2700


Blackberry’s Brand Equity

Blackberry is a cellphone company on the verge of extinction. From my survey results many people had either a neutral or a negative view of Blackberry Smart phones. While most young people did not have or ever own a BlackBerry, many older people in the business world did. In contrast Apple’s iPhone and Samsung’s phones were rated as the most desirable to own. They were also rated as best in quality. There was no divide among race or gender. However there was an age difference. Blackberry is the working man’s or woman’s phone.
There were essentially two different types of people surveyed: business professionals and students. The students much preferred other phones over the Blackberry, such as the iPhone, Samsung phones, as well as androids. Many students seemed to relate with these phones because they are for the young and hip. They offer entertaining apps and games. In contrast much of the older crowd, who were all business professionals had Blackberry’s, mostly because they were business phones. The blackberries are great for typing emails because of their keyboards. Many of the business professionals seemed to like this about them. However, the survey showed they were not desirable phones outside of work and were also less durable than their counterparts made by Apple and Samsung mainly.Blackberry smart phones are considered boring and undependable by the majority of people.
In conclusion, it appears that Blackberry needs to revitalize its brand image. They need to begin marketing to a younger crowd in order to stay on the market. Blackberry will need to market to college students and teenagers if they want to increase their market share. If Blackberry does not improve its standing among young people, the IPhone and it’s rival Samsung S3 will continue to take more market shares from Blackberry.